Rasson has written many poems that compliment his music. They can be read here.


Pain, of my doing
Good, suffer you fool
Reaches of love spoil your soul
Attachment to earthlings your vice
Suffer you fool
Faces so indifferent
Nobody is there for you
Trees move back & forth
Are they laughing at you?
Separate, my friend separate
You are bigger than life
Write music and
Love forever more.


I Remember You

Sunny days in summer,
When it is warmer than your body
And the wind blows so slowly
And people drive impatiently

I remember you

What I feel, oh what I feel
When outside & inside melt into each other
And I, not here nor there
See the flowers within, and

I remember you

Mother, child, a stroller and a lollypop
People waiting, a bus, a moment of time
When everything freezes, a snapshot, then
Back to my self

I remember you

Are you well? Are you happy?
Yesterday full of life, and so playful
Sharing smiles of love & breath of passion
Now, the room is empty and

I remember you


Thought & Suffering

She cried after the storm
Now I don’t hear the rain
Her naked body so quite
The silence that smoke breaks
Bubbles of thought rise from the lake
The window speaks softly
Painting I am not the same
I turn with no desire to talk
Her lips move and I hear the bubbles
Tear drops on her face.


Happy Face

She is plump & very bold
Perfect legs carved from stone
Walks fast with steps so short
Sexy shape made of feminine mold
Likes to eat food of all sort
Talks about shopping & work
And embellishes every word
Not interested in politics of the world
Always happy she is so beautiful
Yes, beautiful is a girl with a happy face


New Birth

Read me
I am not the writer
Read me
I am not the words
Read me
And do not understand
So that the little ignorant
Child could hear and be born.



From the bliss of the other worlds
Mingled with forms of light
Without limitations of senses
Have reached to loftiest thoughts

Incarnated by forces beyond
Impregnated by knowledge of Gods
Descended to the world of flesh
To further spirit’s evolutionary round.

Imprisoned by vibrations of gross
Infatuated with desire of time
Suffering the pain of separation.
Angel not knowing you are

Germinate the seed of love
Spread the flame of wisdom
With passion seek the way
The three pillars of alchemical life.


The God Inside

In your journey to mother’s womb
You have seen this before

There is no day and no night
There is no Tuesday and no march
There is no age and no time
Present is the moment and your life

Deep breath and pain is gone
As dark clouds move away from sky

How sensuous is the smell of coffee beans
How divine is to sit with people deep in sleep
How majestic is grass covered with leaves
Music speaks magical whispers to your ears

In your journey to mother’s womb
You have seen this before

Listen to the sound of rain
Listen to the noises people make
Listen to your distressed heart
Let go of time, sad thoughts

Be brave, reach high
Be the bird in the sky
Know only you are
The God inside.



Crazy heart, demands of love, then broken
Memory is pain, a familiar stranger you hold.


The Women of My Dream

Some where in the vast blue sky
In the distant reaches of magnificent stars
Faraway from any human sight
Resurrected a temple of beauty and love
And I felt it.

Created steep valley’s of high altitude
Over the tape tried fields of immense magnitude.
In my desire to part from solitude
Sculpted a women of surpassed attributes.
And I like it.

Awakened by drum beats of my heart
From the eternal blissful delight
Intoxicated by memory of divine life
Saw her luminous image in my mind
And I touched it.

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