The student spotlight gives you a glimpse into the lives of Rabi Rasson’s students.
Here you will learn about their interests, future plans, and ambitions.

Q: In what way has the study of music influenced your everyday life?

1. The study of music has influenced my life in many ways. For example, when I walk down the street and I see a music store and all the music in there I just want to grab all the music and take it home and start working on it. Also, so many people ask me questions and tell me they had wished they could play music because it is so beautiful. When I
hear songs, for example, at the mall while I am walking, I tell myself, “Wow, I can play this,” or “As soon as I get home I am asking Rabi to play that song!

Q: Do you play any other instruments besides the piano?

Yes, I also play the violin!

Q: What advice would you give to other students interested in
     studying music?

To all the students who want to study music, study it. Listen to me, someone who’s gone through many struggles but in the end it is a
relief and makes you feel good when you play. You can play out your emotions as soon as your finger tips hit the keys. Music will help you
in life and gives you superior knowledge.

Q: Who are your specific influences in classical music and why?

For classical music I would have to say that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Beethoven are my greatest influences so far. Mozart was a young prodigy and a genius at the age four. He also wrote the requiem, one of his final pieces, while he was dying in bed. Also, Beethoven falls in my influential category because he was deaf and he composed some of the most famous pieces. He heard the music in his mind and that takes a lot of heart and skill.

Q: How did Rabi Rasson influence you as a musician?

Well, he influenced me so much, I can’t even write it down. I remember one time when I was little, I didn’t practice and Rabi got really angry at me and I can see why he did. Then he told me he wasn’t going to teach me anymore. Ever since that day I woke up and changed. I started to practice every single day and I became dedicated to the piano. I would practice with out my parents reminding me. This is not the only lesson he taught me. Also, people respect Rabi and love him very much, and I want people to respect me for all my hard work and everything I accomplish throughout my life, just like Rabi.

Q: What type of music genre do you enjoy playing most and why?

The type of music I enjoy playing is romantic, world, classical, and Assyrian music but it depends on how I feel!

Q: What do you hope to accomplish as an Assyrian musician who
     has studied music?

I hope to play Assyrian songs and make my own music. I pray that our younger generation as well as our older generation becomes aware of what sources they have and the opportunities that are waiting at their feet. I want to influence the younger generation and help them to learn music and love it.

Q: Do you compose? If so, how has that made you more aware of
     the Fine arts?

I try to compose. I will try to and I will become aware of the Fine arts and how precious it is and it has helped me respect the composers and musicians more.

Q: What other forms of art do you like? Such as painting, writing,
     dance, etc?

I love music, of course. I absolutely adore the piano. I also enjoy playing the violin. The other instruments I want to learn how to play are the cello and guitar. I like to dance, preferably to Assyrian and Arabic music. I like to read poems. In conclusion, finally, I love to act or entertain people, for example, like being funny.

Q: Do you have plans of teaching or composing music in the future?

I would love to teach and share my knowledge. I also want to compose and become a great musician and be known as Monique Shamoon, the piano player.



Name: Monique Shamoon
Age: 16
School: Loyola Academy

Previous Students:
Maria Urhai Shamuel




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